Image Consulting

Do you want to elevate your personal style and image? We will help you build your own personal image by learning how to curate outfits and make the most of what’s in your wardrobe. We’ll analyse your lifestyle, personality, wardrobe, body and face and design a style that fits. Ready for a new look?

Image consulting

We’ll analyse your face and body, colour preferences and wardrobe and do a little personality and lifestyle test so that we can give you style advice and build your own personal image.

Personal Beauty Shopper

We’ll take you shopping and give you advice on how to curate outfits in line with your budget, so that shopping is no longer a chore.

Bridal Styling

You want your wedding style to be a true reflection of your very essence and personality. We assist you in choosing your perfect wedding gown and accessories, hairstyle and make-up.