Skin consulting and Image Coaching

We’re pioneers in offering Beauty Coaching in Malaga and Marbella and style coaching with a natural, professional yet personal approach

At La Réunion d’Amies, we are lucky to have skincare expert and make-up artist María Delgado Schwarzmann’s expertise on board. This combo and passion for making people feel more beautiful means that she is able to offer a unique bespoke skin and beauty coaching service, where health and beauty become one.

Our Beauty coach is an expert in analysing skin and recommending cosmetics. She will determine your skin type and design a skincare routine especially for your skin and lifestyle. She’ll teach you how to look after your skin, and how to understand it and treat it. But above all, she’ll teach you how to apply make-up and make you shine by choosing the right products for your budget, style, taste and personality.

Beauty Coaching

Skin Consultant

Together, we’ll analyse and diagnose your skin and design your bespoke skin routine.

Personal Beauty Shopper

We’ll accompany you to the shops, giving you tips and make shopping for beauty products, cosmetics and make-up much easier and in line with your budget.

Self Make-Up Tutorial

If you want to learn how to apply make-up and make yourself shine, this one-to-one tutorial is for you. You’ll learn how to recreate an everyday or work look and a night or occasion look and find out how to choose the best brushes for you.

Skincare Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to take good care of your skin and make the most of your cosmetics so you stop wasting money on products that are not right for you? During this one-to-one tutorial, you’ll learn how to take good care of your skin using the most on-trend and effective techniques. And we’ll let you on to a few trade secrets too!

The beauty and wellness market has a lot to offer, but we don’t really get the most from it because we don’t really know what we want or need